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The chat site where girls earn money

LuckyCrush is a site on which women earn points while they chat with men. They can then convert these points into money.

Random 1-on-1 video chat

Men buy credits

Women earn money

It's a live video chat that randomly connect men with women and women with men.

Men must buy credits to chat with women.

Women earn points (money) for every second they spend chatting with men.

Earn up to $24/hour

100,000 points = $100

300 points/min with a free user (max. 1 min) = $0.30/min

350 points/min with a premium user (<1 min) = $0.35/min

400 points/min with a premium user (>1min) = $0.40/min

In 2020, the biggest total amount earned by a member was 28,028,681.21 points.



More than

members from


Get paid from everywhere in the world

You can request a payout as often as you want, as long as your balance is greater than $50.

Bank transfer



Receive your payments directly on your bank account (3 working days).

Receive your payments on most popular e-wallets (24H).

Receive your payments to your BTC wallet (24H).

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Average earnings: $880/month

Average earnings: $2450/month

Average earnings: $1620/month

" I earn good money by logging in only a few hours in the evening." 

"Most of users are foreigners so it's really anonymous. I log in whenever I want. I just love it!!"

"I never would have expected that chatting with guys would pay for my holidays."

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Questions you might have


How much money can I make each month?

It depends how much time you spend chatting. You log in whenever you want and for as long as you want. If you chat for 4 hours a day, you can make anywhere between $1500 and $2000/month. But you can log in more or less. It's up to you.


Is there a minimum amount of time I should spend chatting each month?

There is no minimum connection time. You can log in and chat for 1 hour per month or for 10 hours per day. Again, it's up to you.


Do I need to plan my chat sessions in advance?

There is no schedule. You log in when you want and for as long as you want.


How can I be sure that I remain anonymous?

The only information that users can see is your username and you can choose not to show your face on camera. Video chats are not recorded and conversations are automatically deleted as soon as the session is over.


When will I receive payment?

You can request a payout whenever you like, as long as your balance is more than $50. Payouts are processed by our team every 3 days, so your payout request is processed in a maximum of 3 days after you request it. Then, it may take a maximum of 48-72H to reach your bank account or e-wallet. On some e-wallet it's instantaneous.


Where is LuckyCrush available?

LuckyCrush is available all around the world. You can chat and receive payouts from any country except: Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Comoros, Eritrea, Lesotho, Papua New Guinea, Turkmenistan.


What if I try LuckyCrush and decide it doesn't work for me?

You are not committed to anything. You can start using LuckyCrush and delete your account whenever you like. Even 1 hour after registering. Your personal data is immediately deleted if you decide to delete your account.

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